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Veteran TV actor Dondré Whitfield is a three-time Emmy and NAACP Image award nominee and best known for his role as Remy Newell, a trusted friend working on the Bordelon land as a water irrigation specialist on the critically acclaimed series “Queen Sugar,” created and produced by Golden Globe-nominee Ava DuVernay and co-executive produced by Oprah Winfrey on the OWN Network.  

Whitfield, has been on screen with the likes as John Travolta, Helen Mirren, David Oyelowo, Michael B. Jordan, John Stamos, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Kevin Hart to name a few.  He booked his first professional acting job at the age of 15 with a recurring role as Robert Foreman on “The Cosby Show,” the most-watched sitcom in television history.



Today’s culture of manhood—especially in the West—is mired in contradictions. For generations, we defined manhood through the lens of fundamental anthropological male priorities: the ability and responsibility to protect, to procreate, and to provide. Now, the availability and abundance of food, the relative safety of our communities and morphing social norms no longer require men to possess or nurture these traits in order for them or their families to survive and thrive. In fact, the median full-time salaries of young women in America’s metropolitan areas are 8 percent higher than those of the young men in their peer group. In 2015, for example, 38 percent of American wives made more money than their husbands.


So how do we train up young men in this new paradigm combined with the #MeToo and Times Up era.  Dondré provides the answers through his new book and the Manhood tour.  Contact us to learn more.



Actor Dondré T. Whitfield of "Queen Sugar" and "The Cosby Show"  Signs Book Contract with Zondervan 

Veteran TV and film actor, Dondré Whitfield, will release his debut book in the spring of 2020 with Zondervan.


As a husband, father and relationship coach, Whitfield says manhood is more than a code of behavior and standards. His upcoming release shows how faith serves as the divine model for manhood, as it never acts out of flesh or self-interest. Whitfield will expose the debilitating myths, reverse the negative trends, shatter stereotypes, and spark conversations that will empower males to help the women and children in their lives find their place of peace and purpose. 




Whitfield has a number of compelling topics that cover manhood, leadership, parenting, and inspiration.


DON'T GET IT TWISTED: The Test of a Servant vs Selfish Leader

THE BLUEPRINT: Lessons on Being & Raising a Man

 RESTORATION HARDWARE:  Unlock the Past & Open the Door to Your Best Future

LEGACY MAPS: The Backstory is Not the Whole Story



Whitfield creates a dialogue surrounding the challenges women face with our society’s approach to relationships, and how to facilitate a healthy shift in communication and understanding between the sexes.

By exploring a new dynamic between men and women, Whitfield identifies obstacles that the pain of the past can create, and shares how to overcome them to restore a deeper and more honest connection.



Whitfield regularly comments on matters ranging from politics to community involvement.  You can follow him on social media to learn more

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